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In the Middle Ages Amalfi was one of the most powerful Sea Republics. Its able sailors and merchants operated all over the Mediterranean Sea and and piled up incredible wealth. All the coast is named after Amalfi and since 1997 UNESCO World Heritage and nowadays of of the most famous Italian destinations. Wild landscapes with steep cli ffs and almost vertical lemon groves all along with villages virtually sticking to the crags are unique. 

In Amalfi you will admire the magnificent complex of the Cathedral of Saint Andrew. It consists of the Crucifix Basilica, the Cathedral with the underlying Crypt hosting the remains of the Apostle Andrew, the Cloister of Paradise and the Bell Tower. A still working water driven paper mill produces handmade paper like in 17th century. 


rises like a fantastic terrace over the Coast of Amalfi. Here once lived numerous particularly rich merchant princes whose wealth was legendary. Grandiose palaces like the famous Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone as well as many richly decorated churches still embellish this place. Above all lies an aura of perfect harmony between Romanesque, Byzantine, Norman and Moorish style. 


is also called the "vertical village" or  the "village of the steps“ is a jewel on the waterfront. Picturesque houses with terraces supported by round arches shape the place, and they really seem to be built one upon the other like the steps of a stair. The narrow streets invite to stroll through most exquisite and tasteful boutiques and art galleries melting with flower- scented perfumes. This is also the birthplace of the famous "Moda Positano" a unique fashion made of light airy summer clothes in tender pastel colors. 

In the citrus fruit groves grow the juicy lemons. With their peel is produced the famous "limoncello" liqueur to be enjoyed as digestive or within irresistible typical pastries.  

In Vietri sul Mare flourishes a pottery tradition already well-known in Roman times. From this beautiful town it spread all over the Coast of Amalfi. Particularly eye-catching are the colorful cupolas of the many churches along the coast decorated with yellow green and blue majolica tiles.


In the piazza of Vietri many pottery workshops sell their own beautiful pieces of art, all the shop facades are painted with the same kind of artistic decoration as their pottery. 

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