follow my walking tour in a canyon and dive into nature

Guided hiking day tour with your private guide down the Calore canyon
Walking tour through Gole del Caloren in Cilento National Park

The following walking tour is an example of many and can be adapted to you specific needs. According to the time schedule, age of participants, type of group, starting point, ... you get "your" tour. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further walking excursions.

Felitto and Calore canyon 

Just a few chilometers behind Paestum, in the interior of the country, arise regal the Monti Alburni who act as a magnific scene for the large Val Calore (Calore valley). This valley is well known for its delicate olive oil and exquisite wine, more upriver for the deep canyons and wild water flows. In this intact nature live wild boars and river otters.


Starting point of the hiking is a small place 700m high on top of a crag. This is merely a downhill walk along old, very well secured beaten tracks with nice views of the surrounding mounains.

After a short time you dive into a deep forest and descend through narrow serpentines and smooth paths following the  course of the Calore river until a natural rock bridge where to cross the river. 


During the last part you follow the weird forms that have been carved into the limestone by the water until you reach the former WWF reserve in Remolino/Felitto.


Tip: In Felitto housemade "fusilli" served with tomato and meat sauce  are a real speicality. Also try a local wine from Val Calore. Enjoy the flavour and think of how lucky you are to finish the walking with this excellent food!

Even in summer time temperature is pleasent as most tracks are in the shadow. It is possible to take a bath in the river or to practice canyoning. Tracks of different length and difficulty. I also suggest a visit to the nice village of Felitto built on a crag and host a large number of nice old stone portals. 

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