how about a walking tour along the coast... ?

The following hiking excursion is only an example and can be changed at any time the way it best suits your needs. No matter what time schedule, age, type of group, starting point, goals... you will get YOUR tour. More excursion samples on request.

Hiking day tour from Santa Maria to Agropoli with your private guide
Walking tour along the beautiful Cilento coast line

A very nice  and easy to reach starting/ending points by public means of transportation is the hiking excursion along the coast from Santa Maria to Agropoli (and vice versa). 


The day starts with a walk through the nice seaside resort Santa Maria. Then we follow the coast an partially hike on a sandy beach. 

We reach a pine tree wood along the coast and climb the soft rising hill enjoying nice views of Santa Maria and the beach. We now look at wide, fragrant Mediterranean maquis and some abandoned farms. In the background a fantastic blue sky and sea as long as our eyes can see. 


On mostly good paths and gravel roads we hike in complete calm along grazing cows, the view goes all over the Gulf of Salerno up to the island of Capri in the distance. Through a very nice, partially very thick vegetation we walk on a panoramic way towards Agropoli. Right before reaching it an idyllic sandy beach invites us to take a bath...



Once arrived in the animated piazza we deserve a fresh drink in lovely atmosphere before we climb to the old town and visit the fortified historic center. From here we admire again overwhelming panoramas all over the sea and the Gulf of Salerno. This excursion is not difficult, has only little height differential, however it is somewhat long.


Suggestion: Buy some food and drinks in Santa Maria, during the hiking there a no shops or bars. In the warm time do not forget sun cream, a hat and bathing towels!


Some good reasons for you:

  • You take advantage from many years of experience of an authorized guide and receive specific, qualified information. All you want to know in a vibrant and easy to understand way.
  • You save time in organizing your day tour and can just concentrate on your experience. 
  • With my help your long desired visit to Campania will become an unforgettable experience.
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