join me in a Guided visit of Salerno...

Salerno is a wonderful and very old coastal city with one of the nicest seafront promenades in Italy and yet only few travellers come to visit it.  In the well-kept and lively historical center you meet almost everywhere impressive medieval monuments especially churches and palaces especially from the period when Salerno was the capital of powerful Langobard and Norman kingdoms.


At that time there florished the famous Medical School of Salerno said to be the oldest in Europe. It was a highly regarded institution that earned Salerno the title of "Hippocratica Civitas" - Hippocratic town. The important harbour always was and still is the economic motor of this pleasently clean provincial capital.


In the crypt of the Norman Dome of Salerno dating 11th century are entoumbed the remains of the Evangelist Matthew. The huge building expressed the claim of the new Norman rulers and was built following the ground plan of the Abbey of Montecassino with a magnificent cloister in front of the entrance. It ist today one of the most important cathedrals in South Italy and contains many absolute treasures like the two ambos richly decorated with marvellous mosaics. 



The squared street patterns date back to Middle Ages or even to the antique Roman town. Along them string together palaces, churches and remains from old round arches, carved columns and decorations. 

In the terraced Minerva's Garden located in the old town during the 13th century were cultivated medical plants, studied their curative effects and taught students of the Medical School. The terraces, walls and the still working natural irrigation were restaurated with love and plants bedded. Today this idyll is open to visitors as a museum. An oasis of calm, of fragrances, of beauty and harmony  in the midst of the city. During a guided visit I will also tell you about the Medical School in Salerno.

The castle named after the Langobard prince Arechi II is the symbol of Salerno. Situated high above the town with walls enclosing and protecting the medieval town.  From here you will enjoy a fantastic view of the city, the harbours and the entire Gulf of Salerno. 

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