Some suggestions for an unforgettable journey...

... to enrich your excursion. If you wish I will take care of all organisation according to your wishes. 

Boat trip

The Cilento coast is so beautiful but also spectacular and varied, a boat trip to discover it simply is a must. Especially impressive are the coast lines of Capo Palinuro and Costa degli Infreschi south of Marina di Camerota. Lonely bays with sandy dream beaches alternate with steep cliffs and grottoes.


They enchant everybody, whether it is the "Grotta Azzurra " (Blue Grotto), "Grotta dei Monaci" (Grotto of the Moncs), "Cattedrale" or the "Grotta degli Innamorati" (Grotto of the loving). The Cala Bianca bay in 2013 was crowned the most beautiful bay in Italy  by the Italian web surfers. Every day spent here is special. During the boat trip you can take a bath and have a delightful light meal on the beach.  

Fig manufactory with tasting

Watch practiced hands continuing a very old tradition of Cilento how they garnish dried figs with almonds, walnuts, wild fennel and cinnamon and then aromatise with laurel leaves. 

Along with that goes an exquisite tasting celebrating the White Figs of Cilento D.O.C. figs  with excellent combinations of wine, chocolate and fruits of the season. Be sure all your senses will be activated! 

Tasting of extra virgin olive oil

Olio d'oliva extravergine D.O.P. - cold pressed olive oil D.O.P (di origine protetta) is one of the best olive oils you can enjoy! In the cooperative of olive farmers you will learn how it is produced following the most modern and innovative standards. And then taste three different excellent olive oils and learn what makes up a good olive oil and how to recognize a good product. Obiously with these olive oils delicious and simple dishes are prepared following ancient grandmother's recipes. But what a culinary delight!

Mozzarella di bufala

Buffalos belong to the traditional agriculture of Paestum for more than 800 years. Mozzarella cheese made with buffalo milk tastes fine and sells even better. A visit to a buffalo farm and a cheese dairy is something you cannot miss. You might be surprised how the Indian water buffaloes refresh themselves below a shower or get a massage with a special brush.

And then look at the master dairymen how they "twitch" (mozzare...) the mozzarella bowl by hand and of course taste it very very fresh. Do you think they make only mozzarella with that milk? No.... also ice cream, yogurt, pudding, cappuccino... 

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