Join me in walking tours within cilento National park!

Hiking day tour in Calore Canyon with your private guide
Walking tours with a professional guide within Cilento National Park

Your most intense impressions of Cilento you will probably have during walking excursions. The Cilento National Park was established in 1991, became UNESCO World Heritage in 1998 and in the same year it was also included in the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme MAB. These appointments may give an idea of the unspoiled natural resources of this area.  

Hiking in Punta Licosa with a professional guide
Guided walking tours within Cilento National Park

During my walking tours discover the diversity of plants and natural landscapes,  as well as culture, traditions and local usages. We will also make acquaintances of local people during their everyday life. After all the best way to learn about a country and its people is by walking and observing. And I see my task in encouraging situations where this can naturally happen.

Examples for walking day tours:



Of course every hiking excursion begins with a thorough briefing of all participants. Where possible we have meals in typical local taverns, we never loose a tasty genuine dish or wine! Or we just pop into a small grocery and buy together all we need for a tasty sandwich. My aim is to create the overall conditions of mood and cohesion to bring all guests together and make them feel fine.  

Safety is very important to me. This begins with the proper information about equipment and my suggestions about most adequate clothing. We walk only on marked and secured routes and paths. If weather simply is bad we renounce a planned tour or we make an alternative program. A small travel pharmacy is always at hands.  

You shall always have the good feeling of hiking with an experienced local walking guide! Please feel free to contact me for an enquiry.

Some good reasons for you:

  • You take advantage from many years of experience of an authorized guide and receive specific, qualified information. All you want to know in a vibrant and easy to understand way.
  • You save time in organizing your day tour and can just concentrate on your experience. 
  • With my help your long desired visit to Campania will become an unforgettable experience.
  • Fair rates and response time within this day. Here you can book my guided day tours.