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Hiking along the old stone trails of the Sacred Mount Gelbison
Walking tour to Mount Gelbison in Cilento National Park

Novi Velia – Monte Gelbison

One of the most important and venerated pilgrimage churches is the Madonna of Novi Velia on top of 1705m high Monte Gelbison also called Monte Sacro (Sacred mount) by the local people. In old times believers made a pilgrimage on foot on the paved Via Sacra (holy road) from Novi Velia up to their Madonna, the last part even on their knees.


The walking tour leads uphill on the old wide Via Sacra through chestnut and mixed forest on the trails of the old pilgrims up to one of the highest peaks in Cilento. Stone hills left from Pilgrims who carried heavy stones up the hill and crosses can still be seen along the road even if today's believers prefer to use the car to reach the church. 

Once you have arrived on the top you are generously rewarded for your efforts by the view over the other mountains and the sea of the Gulf of Salerno far below. The downhill follows the same way or alternatively along the asphalted modern road.

Tip: In this aerea delicious mushroom dishes are a  real speciality you can certainly find in restaurants in Novi Velia.

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